Anonymous said: How do people get ahold of you


Thank you

Wow what in the blue fuck honestly i didnt deserve that…… Ive already lost you is it real necssary for you to rub it in that ill never hold you with your face buried in my chest or run my fingers over every inch of your body or be with you intamintly or kiss you passionatly or anything that filled me with hope that id get a happy ending, yes losing you was my fault but Jesus fuck, you cant say i dont love you cause of all the things ive done for you, like canceling my christmas so i could go get medicine to make you feel better, or coming over to pick you up off the floor because he was to drunk to help or get up for 2 weeks straight to make sure your kids were up and got to the bus stop on time and made sure the little ones were feed, safe, took a nap and changed regularly, not to mention took care of all 6 after the bigger kids came home from school, all on top of cleaning your house and making dinner so you could sleep and be able to move because in your words im the only one to ever let you, way to make me feel even more worthless, pathetic and kick dirt in my face, you may have no sympathy for me but now i know what cold really is, and its not like its the first time youve done this when youve gotten mad at me and said your done,this may be my fault but id never do anything like that to you, the only equivalant i can think of is me fucking Heather in the other room while you had to hear everything

Ive had this horrible feeling for days, dont know why, just this looming feeling that something bad is gonna happen, i dont know what to do to make myself feel better…….